Interest check: setting+campaing book

I am starting a proyect to produce a setting+campaing compatible with acks. The idea is a setting detailing kingdoms, duchies and baronies in acordance to acks domains principles (income of their leaders, garrisons, number of leveled characters, etc.) with their political interest, conflicts and adventure hooks, a wildernes open for exploration, and resourses for the DM to use in sandbox play.

The setting will also include a timeline of events (as they will happen in case that the players dont interfere) to which the players can choose how to react, when to participate and what factions to ally with. Creating a sandbox campaing that allows the players to go from lowly adventurers to conquerors and kings. 

The setting will be a kingdom that managed to defeat an evil empire of sorcerer kings, but that without the presure of an outside enemy is about to colapse in civil war, unknowingly of an even greater evil that is about to strike. 

The "adventure area" will be the border colonies of the kingdom, that are at the same time the former evil empire lands, plagued by the monsters and beastmen that the evil empire used as armies, but also full of forgotten ruins and treasure. 

i want to know if this is something that you people will be interested in. 



It sounds interesting to me as a premise to see a setting with the domain rules fully implemented, but I think it's the details of the setting that'll determine true interest. It also sounds that this could be a time intensive project to develop. If this is one of your first projects then you may want to start with something smaller. My 2¢.

Its true that it may be to ambitious, but i have 4 years of notes and playtest from using the setting to run multiple full campaings. About the details, my idea is to share fragments of my work in here as i develope the proyect. All that considered, its true that it may be to big for someone with very little experience... 

Following with the details:

In ancient times, the elder races created men and dwarves as slaves. Men toiled for millennia under the yoke of their inhuman masters. They hold no hope of freedom, as the mystical power of the elder races was to great. In their despair, men pray for hope, and of that prayers the gods where borne. Others said that the gods came from above to answer the cry for help.

The gods bestow many blessings on men, from the secrets of steel to the power to raise the dead. The greatest of these gods were the Sun, the Moon, and Death. The blessings of the sun were the powers of light, healing the sick and the dead, inspiring valor and hope. The blessings of death were the powers of darkness, of raising undead, of harm and fear. But the blessing of the Moon was different, the Moon gave men the power of knowledge to control the arcane energies of the world as the elder races did.

Its with the knowledge given by the Moon that some men mixed their blood with the blood of the elder races, becoming the first Elden Blooded, or Elden as they would come to be known. The Elden could rival the magic of the elder races, and that power and the blessings of the gods allowed men to rebel against their masters and defeat them.

The elder races retreated to other worlds through great portals. And the gods sealed those portals so that the elder races would never return to the world of men. For many years men lived a golden age. But the Elden not only inherited the power of the elder races, but also some of theor inhuman souls. Slowly they become more and more arrogant, they started to see other men as lesser and the natural order just as an obstacle to their desires.

A few of them asked the Moon fo guidance, and exiled themselves to the forests to live in harmony with the world. They will become latter known as the elves.

But most grow corrupted. They experimented with necromancy to become immortal, they mixed the blood of men and beasts to create slaves and soldiers. And with those beastmen soldiers they conquered the realms of men. The Elden worshiped Death as the greater of the gods, and the Sun grew furious. And so he made a pact with a great warrior from the barbarian tribes of the south east that had resisted the advances of the Elden for many generations.

He offered to him the power to unite the tribes of the Caelit people and create a holy empire that could challenge the power of the Elden. This warrior, Auran the first unified the caelitian tribes and formed the holy kingdom of Caelum. He wagged war against the Elden and won (not because his armies where more powerful, but because the Elden where not united, fighting between themselves even till the end of their rule).

Auran the first pushed the frontiers of the kingdom of Caelum, conquering the former domains of the Elden. Only one Elden queen remained, her kingdom reduced to the worse and more barren of lands. Auran prepared his final assault, but old age finally defeated the man.

His son failed to inherit the brillance and charisma of his father. Auran the second was forced to focus all his efforts just to keep Caelum together. And so the frontier duchies where left to fend for themselves. Now civil war is brewing, and the barbarians and worse smell weakness. Conspiracies of sedition and rebellion are breaking the kingdom. And in that time a prophecy haunts the dreams of many (the age of the sun will come to an end, and the old kings of the land will return).


Caelum: a kingdom created from varius tribes and now breaking apart. They follow the church of light, who considers the Sun to be the greater of gods, and that considers Death and the lesser gods to be demons. Their form of goverment is an hereditary monarchy, but its now under question as the heir is failing to meet expectations.

The Ergates, a plutocratic alliance of landowners turned kingdom. They worship a pantheon of gods and consider the Moon as patreon of their kingdom. The prince is trying to gather wealth to rally the landowners into a war against Caelum. And to that end has created a party of adventurers.

Bejerfolker: hill clans united only by their ancestor worship religion and semi anarchist culture. They mostly keep to themselves, trade with the dwarves and defend from astegos and orcs.

Astegos: Ergates that transform themselves into horseback nomads and raiders to escape the yoke of the Elden. Now considered just above orcs by most people.

Somen: sailors from the north (vikings proxy)

Very interesting stuff, Lucas! Do you intend to work this into a publishable product? Or a setting for others to use?

Also, do you have an invite to the ACKS Discord?

Thank you! My idea is to make a publishable product. i have already maps, characters, excel sheets of all domains, notes, and 3 years of playtest with two diferent groups. I know that there is still a lot of work to do, but its something that i really want to do. 

No, i dont have an invite to the acks discord. 

Got myself a discordia invite

OK. We have an ACKS Compatible license that is free to use, and if you want something specific, message me on Discord and we can work it out.