Interest check

I'm thinking of running a simple dungeon delving game using ACKS with some light house rules. I played in Blackmarsh here and had fun, and tried it elsewhere though those games didn't last long. Is there interest here? And do you prefer this website or unseen servant? The last may get answered for me if I find players there, but I'm okay with the functionality here.

Play by post, if I understand correctly? If so, I'm in.

You can also try the ACKS discord to run games on.

I do mean play by post - that's what I get for assuming. That's still my first choice if I find players.

I've had Discord installed for ages, and never got around to trying it out. I suppose it's time to fix that. Are you used to using it with Roll20 or another simulator, or on it's own?

I think I saw you join the ACKS discord :-)

I usually like play PbP in Discord alone, but some people use it for real-time play together with a VTT.

Golan I let this slide for a while looking for other players, but I see that's doubtful. I am pitching a voice-only discord game now if you want to look for that.

Separately though, are you interested in trying a solo play by post? Say third level so you'd have a little room to recruit henches if desired. It wasn't what I was originally thinking of, but I see an advantage in not having to wait for other players to post.

This could indeed be a fun idea, though usually a group game is well worth the wait for various people to post.

Apparently I'm bad at checking multiple sites, which bodes poorly. But I'm still game and I'm still online. Find me on Discord, where I'm running a voice game after all if you're there, or start rolling a character here if you're still interested.

I'm doing 4d6 drop lowest in order. No 2-for-1 point swaps but you can switch two stats if doing so would raise a prime requisite.