Is it possible to get a manuscript version of ACKS?

I’ve got a hardcopy and two PDF copies of ACKS. I’ve also got the manuscript versions of Domains at War from the Kickstarter.

The thing I realise is that I vastly prefer using the manuscript to PDFs. While ACKS is very well made as a PDF, with hyperlinking and excellent indices, the images make it much harder to negotiate my way around it, and to be honest I’m indifferent to artwork anyway. I get a serious lag/delay caused by the cover every time I open it, and browsing past pages with pictures on causes everything to slow down.

Was a manuscript of the full thing ever given to backers of the original book? Is it possible to get a copy of that anywhere?

When you say “manuscript”, do you mean Word doc? A Word doc was made available to backers of the original Kickstarter. We have not made a Word doc available since then, though, largely because the Word doc is riddled with errors. It was never updated/version-controlled.

Yes, I do mean the Word doc; I was assuming something like that would have been created same as you did for Domains at War.

Wouldn’t even mind the errors, I could always edit it myself to reflect them and any errata.

I have to agree. I’d love to get my hands on a doc file of the rules, unedited or otherwise. Or just the magic system part even.

Same here.

If you all solemnly pledge not to use our secret Word document to publish your own rival game called Expeditionary Usurper Emperor, you can email me at to discuss.

Not much for getting into actual publishing, but if I ever were to, it would be a supplement for ACKS, rather than my own thing. :slight_smile: