Is there a limit to taxes other than morale?

i feel like it should be, but cant find any.

the same to the morale boost for exesive garrison.

i have this cuestion because my players now have a 900 family domain whit a garrison whort 30000 gp.


Behind the scenes, I've estimated that a peasant family is living on at most a total of 8gp per family of 5. (There's a lot of complex math I will spare you as to how this derives, based on surplus labor, festivals, surplus farm goods, etc.) I've estimated that the absolute minimum is around 4gp per family of 5. So you cannot raise taxes more than (8gp - 4gp = ) 4gp. 

Note that this assumes average income from land. If you want to be extremely detailed: A ruler cannot raise taxes more than [(land value - 6) +4 ]gp.




My gut says there has to be some way to use the requisitioning and looting rules from D@W: Campaigns to integrate into this and model the effects of excessive taxation on the domain.

If your goal is to make it so detailed that you need a spreadsheet to calculate it :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. I was thinking much the same thing! Whatever the threshold is, beyond that you're effectively "looting," per the D@W definition.

thanks! this kind of details and the posibility to ask them here are two of the reasons i love this game so much.

i will use the  [(land value - 6) +4 ]gp. 


The D@W Pillaging is indeed a good way to go.

It's pg 64 in D@W:C. The rules for pillaging with a smaller than normal force (cause I wouldn't think you'd beef up your garrison just to loot yourself) are on the next page.

Ignore stronghold reduction, and I'd calculate both "families lost" and "prisoners taken" as if your looting garrison was of the full, proper size for the domain, representing families getting out while the getting is good. "Prisoners Taken" would be rolled up into "Families Lost", unless you're actually looking to sell off your own domain families (in which case I'd still calculate it as if you were the proper size, representing the sheer surprise of the situation) which case I'd immediately declare the domain "Rebellious" no matter what.

Depending on your time scale, I bet you only get to do this once or twice before it becomes Rebellious anyway - domain morale checks once per season, it's probably already low due to the high taxation, and pillaging forces a morale roll with another -4 penalty. You could reduce that, or delay it to season end, but I'd increase the number of families leaving in return, and probably have the garrison start rolling morale as well.

And that's how you get Robin Hood, I guess.


i like that idea a lot! But i think my players will remain on the max tax before starving the peasants side. 

Ah! That's a good limit to have - I was worried one of my players would read the "chaotic domains get double morale benefits from garrison" thing and realise that they could raise 2 gp in extra taxes for every 1 gp of increased millitary spending.

i use at least 5 spreadsheets in my acks campaing: xp and treasure division spreadsheet; NPC domains spreadsheet to calculate domain income/population/number of npc of diferent levels in a specific realm; PC domain spreadsheet to calculate income/stronhold upkeep/desired garrison/income modifed by morale/etc./Army cost and Bp spreadsheet