Its Mah Birthday Soon

I have still failed to locate a ACKs book due to Amazon being sold out and I have printed out the PDFs of the ACKs book twice and a copy of the players companion.

Anyway it is my birthday next month (36) and it looks like the new version of D&D is not for me and I am trying to work out what I want. Currently running a Castles and Crusades game and it looks like I am going to be playing some combination of C&C, ACKs, 1st ed and Pathfinder over the next year or so.

Are there any adventures printed for ACKs yet and where can I get cheap international shipping for a real copy as I do not really want to pay $60 for a copy of ACKs and Amazon no longer offers free shipping to New Zealand on orders over $125.

Zardnaar, we are working on creating some options to make ACKS more readily available, including print-on-demand with AUS/NZ vendors.

Not sure about print on demand here. Happy to pay for the book + postage I just use Amazon for everything and they no longer have ACKs.

We’ll be back on Amazon soon. We’re switching to a new distributor.

To my knowledge, no, but I’ve heard that most OSResque adventures will play nicely with ACKS.

You could also do worse than picking up a few classic D&D .pdfs off D&DClassics; In Search of the Unknown, Keep on the Borderlands, The Lost City, and Horror on the Hill are all pretty good starting modules, and dead easy to convert to ACKS (most of it doesn’t really need conversion).

not even the treasure? I figure that would be the main sticking point.

As for me, I’ve been trying out Labyrinth Lord adventures made by Dyson Logos. so far they’re working pretty well.

I have all of them + B10 Nights Dark Terror. Ran B5 and ToEE with ACks last time we played.

& Magazine ( usually has a mini-adventure that can be converted easily. Dyson Logos ( is a mapmaker whose work often gets turned into one-page dungeon crawls, although Dyson’s Delve is an 11 floor dungeon that I’m still wanting to run a party through (I also like Goblin Gully and Fortress on the Ironflow).

That’s a good point. I haven’t run them all under ACKS, but B2 is fine, B1 is not bad considering you’re going to half-build/tweak it with ACKS anyway, and B4 is not far off, as I recall.

I didn’t know Dyson did adventures! I’ve used a few of his maps just recently, but I’ll have to check those out. Thanks.

he had a sale and i bought both of his delve books. i liked the idea of keying my own adventures, but i found his pre-written ones to be pretty good as well. I also got all of his dodecahedron magazines, which had great adventures too, but some of them are available elsewhere/in the delve books. They’re PWYW though, so if you’re not sure you can just download them first to see if it’s a duplicate of something you might already have.

Ehhh…after what I’ve seen of his maps, I have a feeling I’m going to end up supporting his Patreon campaign. I like his work a lot!

And there is going to be an ACKS adventure published soonish!

Oh, go on! We’ve been hearing that for a while…what do you consider “soonish”?
drools in anticipation

I second the “go on”… and also the drooling…

Seriously though, at this point I’ll day 1 purchase anything with an ACKs-specific label. Hell, I’ll pre-order if you set it up.

Believe me, no one is more excited (and terrified as the author) for it to come out. I don’t have a date other than ‘this year’ and ‘when the Kickstarters are finished’. I really wish I knew more, but at least the K’s are almost done!