Judges Wanted!

As part of the upcoming launch of ACKS, we are soliciting Judges in the US and Canada who would be interested in running a Preview Night event of ACKS at their local game store.
If you are interested, please post here with your name, city and state/province, and general times that you could run a preview event or events.
As we move forward, this will solidify into a “Registered Judges” program that will become the pool for playtesting new material for ACKS.

I’m in. Love the system. I won’t even houserule thieves. :smiley:

Ataraxzy: Where are you at?
Here’s me as an example:
Tavis Allison
New York City, NY
Can run previews on weeknights and weekends
Conventions: Gary Con, Gen Con, North Texas RPG Con

I plan on continuing to run ACKS-on-boats in NYC. Maybe we could set something multi-table up at the Strat (Compleat or Brooklyn)?

Roger Burgess
Northern Virginia
Can run previews nights and weekends over G+; Or at my FLGS
Conventions: SynDCon; DC Gameday

Ataraxzy, thanks for responding! As part of being a Registered Judge, we’d like you to participate in a Player’s Companion playtest.
Which of the following classes would you like to playtest: Barbarian, Dwarven Machinist, Dwarven Spelunker, Elven Enchanter, Elven Ranger, Mystic, Paladin, Priestess, Shaman, or Warlock?

Charlatan, can we get your details?

You can also email me at alex@autarch.co with the info.

Can I pick more than one?
In order:
Dwarven Machinist
Dwarven Spelunker
Elven Enchanter
Elven Ranger

We’re going to distribute the playtesting of the different classes across different judges. I’ll get the Dwarven Machinist out to you shortly. Please email me at the address noted above so I know how to get a hold of you.

Michael Pfaff
Louisville, KY
Can run previews on weeknights and weekends
Conventions: Gen Con (possibly)
Playtest Class: Priestess
Email: michael.p.pfaff@gmail.com

Tshilaba Verite
Orlando, FL
Can run previews on weekends
Conventions: Anime Festival Orlando (think Megacon Light)
Playtest Class: Paladin

These are going out today!
Ataraxzy: Dwarven Machinist
Charlatan: Shaman
MichaelPfaff: Priestess
Veketshian: Paladin

Alex, don’t be afraid to send me 1 or 2 more to try out. :wink:

Bahahaha. When I see a PfichaelMaff signed up as a Registered Judge I’ll know what you’re up to…

Nick Morrell
San Antonio, Texas (and Austin)
Can run previews on weekends, some weeknights (depends on the week)
Conventions: ChimeraCon
Playtest: Elven Ranger or Barbarian
email: nicholaslongshanks at yah00 dot kom

//Bahahaha. When I see a PfichaelMaff signed up as a Registered Judge I’ll know what you’re up to…//
Damn! I was registering when I noticed this message. You got me. :wink:

Longshanks, I sent you the Barbarian!

Hey Alex, a quick proofreading note: You say “e.g. the same progression as fighters” when you mean i.e. E.g. is an example, i.e. is “in other words,” which is what you’re actually trying to say.
Otherwise I really like the starting proficiencies and general way the barbarians handled (specifically the animal reflexes ability is cool). I also like the increased use of the mortal wounds table in game mechanics.

Thanks! If you have further feedback on the class, I’ve set up a new forum for discussion of the Player’s Companion. You can find it here:
Fixed the e.g./i.e. error. I tend to make mistakes often when I write quickly, e.g., the one that just occurred.