Just Bought the Adventurer's Companion...

I just bought the Adventurer’s Companion PDF yesterday at Game Salute, and have not heard from them yet. How long does it take to receive an e-mail reply?

Also, I have the ACKS PDF and want to purchase the book (and when I get the AC, I’d like to do the same). How do I go about getting the $10.00 off the books for buying the PDF, assuming that option is still available?

Thanks in advance.

Still no word…:frowning:

There is a coupon code on the last page of the Core ACKS PDF. Input that coupon code when you buy the Hardback at Gamesalute and it will deduct $10 from the price. I can’t say if the AC has the same thing since I don’t have the final AC PDF (that I hope to soon receive from being a kickstarter backer) and was under the impression it is not yet finished.

You are correct; there is no Companion PDF yet, because it’s still being written.

Hmm… I figured that it was now available since it no longer says (pre-order), while the hardcover still does say that… my thanks to you two.

(finds the promotional code)… I’ll go and buy the ACKS hardcover soon!

Beragon, the Player's Companion is indeed still in development, but we can get you the draft if you don't have it already!

Tavis, I’m in the same boat as Beragon. I bought the PDF of the Player’s Companion from Game Salute not realizing it wasn’t out yet (I heard about all those Kickstarters receiving their copies and came to the wrong conclusion). Any way I could get a draft copy? I have a copy of the GameSalute reference number if you want. email at nicholaslongshanks at yahoo dottius commius.

I’d really like to have a draft, unless it comes out in about a month or so, then I can wait.

I never bothered to write down the ID# for the purchase though when I made it a while back. I did receive the ACKS hardcover… it’s a really good book!