Knight vs Firefighter vs Infantryman

Don't think his has shown up here before but, an obstacle race between the three listed in the title:


I love this! Thanks for sharing.

The irony is how a medieval knight had LIGHTER gear and was MORE NIMBLE than a high-tech modern soldier with full gear.

To be fair, did the modern infantryman’s gear include things like meal equipment, medical gear, etc? I’d wager the knight wasn’t lugging around the pot he’d use to cook dinner.

The knight likely had cooking gear on a spare horse, but the lightest troops in US history were during the American Civil War, when they did haul all their cooking stuff, plus a few days' rations, and the average Union soldier still carried just 44 to 50 pounds total (the Confederacy, due to inferior supply situations and attempts to plunder as much as possible, was between 30 and 80 pounds). Where a Roman soldier or a modern American soldier would carry about 55% of their body weight, a Civil War soldier typically carried about 30% of their body weight.