Kobolds are awesome!

Chieftain - “Grimtooth” - is smarter than the average kobold having been reincarnated into this form. He was once a Chaotic 6th level Elven Nightblade - how’s that for a kicker… Grimtooth is now a 6HD Kobold with the following attributes:
STR 14 (+1)
INT 16 (+2)
WIS 11
CON 10
DEX 16 (+2)
CHA 16 (+2) (Grimtooth’s Charisma applies to kobolds only, all other races regard him as having a Charisma of 6(-1) )
Grimtooth was an astute Enchanter-Executioner and has retained the skills he acquired as a 6th level nightblade and can use the following abilities:
Acrobatics (15+) - In lieu of moving during a round, Grimtooth may attempt an acrobatics proficiency throw of (15+) to tumble behind an opponent in melee. If successful, Grimtooth is now behind his opponent. The opponent loses the benefit of his shield, if any, and Grimtooth can backstab his opponent (gaining +4 to his attack throw and deal an additional triple the normal damage). He also gain the +2 bonus to saving throws where agility would help avoid the situation, such as tilting floors and pit traps.
Climb walls (4+)
Hide in shadows (14+)
Move silently (12+)
Backstab - When backstabbing Grimtooth must catch an opponent unaware of his presence, either by surprise or by moving silently and/or hiding in shadows to sneak up on his opponent. He will then receive an attack bonus of +4 and, if successful, deal an additional triple the normal damage.
Grimtooth normally fights with javelins or wielding a short sword in each hand. He wears leather armor.
Grimtooth cast spells as a 3rd level mage and is able to cast 2 - 1st level spells and 1 - 2nd level spell during any single day. Because of his nightblade training Grimtooth is able to cast spells while wearing armor. He has the following spells in his repertoire which are recorded in his spell books:
1st Level: Magic Missle, Silent Step, Sharpness, and Unseen Servant
2nd Level: Glitterdust, Invisibility, Ogre Power
Grimtooth’s Kobolds
Grimtooth has 8 personal guards (equivalent to subchieftains)
Grimtooth leads 6 Warbands with each one lead by a subchieftain
Warband is 4 gangs (8, 11, 13, 13),each gang will be led by one champion
Warband is 5 gangs (10, 10, 11, 11, 14),each gang will be led by one champion
Warband is 4 gangs (7, 10, 10, 13), each gang will be led by one champion
Warband is 1 gangs (10), each gang will be led by one champion
Warband is 3 gangs (9, 12, 13), each gang will be led by one champion
Warband is 5 gangs, (7, 9, 9, 10, 13), each gang will be led by one champion
He has a kennel of 4 trained boars. Grimtooth also has a Level 4 Shaman (divine caster) and a Level 1 Witch Doctor (arcane caster) at his command.
Breakdown of ‘fighting’ kobolds:
Grimtooth’s personal guards: 8
Warband Subchiefs: 6
Gang Champions: 22
Gang Members: 233
Shaman & Witch Doctor: 2
Total number = 272
+50% females (136) and +150% young (408) for a total number of 816 kobolds

How awesome! I almost feel bad for your players. :slight_smile:

I love it! I have a soft spot for those scaly little guys.
I’m messing about with an idea of a kobold tinker class. I just have to figure out what the kobold package would be.

It may be outdated but I have a genuine affection for the scaly little dog men. There is nothing better than a gang of jittery kobolds to introduce your PC’s to the first dungeon of a new campaign.

Thats a lot of Kobolds…
very cool