Landscape DM screen inserts
Here you go. Images are Public Domain, found on Telecanter’s blog. Tables from reference doc.
Alex, any problem w/ making this public?

Very nice work Ataraxzy looks great. I will keep these for later.

That is well done.
Everything on there is covered by our Open Game License. For legal purposes it might be best to include a footer or final page with the OGL, copyright, and trademark notifications.

Looking good and useful. Thank You!

Right, updated to v1.1 which is OGL and Autarch PI License v1.0 compatible: <— Google Docs Link.
Here’s the MS Publisher file I worked from if anyone wants to fiddle around with it: <---- Google Docs Link; Docs does not preview .pub files, just download it.
Old links are now dead. Long live the new links!

Many thanks for making these. They will find use at my game table this Saturday.

These are really great! Well done.

I would use them but my GM Screen requires standard rather than landscape style inserts.