Lawful Monsters

What does it really mean when a monster’s alignment is “Lawful”? For example the Roc has a “Lawful” alignment though there isn’t anything to suggest it’s intelligent enough to know what laws are. If it’s simply meant to be “good” that would make sense since it’s reflected in the reaction bonus for “chaotic” characters. I would just like some clarification.

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The cosmology of the Auran Empire setting is based on Order vs Chaos, and Rocs are one of those creatures on the Law side of it, by default. Of course, it doesn’t mean it can’t be in conflict with other Lawful entities (“sorry about your flock man, but a bird’s gotta eat…”), just that it has a side in the big picture conflict.

Also, in one of the recent Grey Brotherhood videos on Archon’s Arbiter of Worlds YouTube channel (, when a cleric of Ammonar showed a Roc his shield emblazoned with the winged sun it gave a very loud cry of approval. So there’s at least some options there for Rocs and so on to have some innate understanding of, if not laws, then order and the right way of going about things.


Rocs in ACKS are sapient. This is made clear in ACKS II. They are effectively similar to the Great Eagles of Tolkien. They’re not just big dumb birds.