Leaping and Jumping

While building other races/classes for my new campaign (tentatively named "Thine Empire Folorn") using the Players Companion I bumped into a problem and was looking for some advice.

The campaign setting is based on the Red Planet of Mars and I wished to simulate the jumping/leaping ability of Earthmen visiting Mars (as described by ERB in his Mars books). Typically this would be a 150ft. leap or 75ft. vertical jump, which would be slightly faster than a running charging unencumbered man, with the advantage of jumping over opponents etc.

The key question I face initially is do I treat earthmen as the defacto standard human as seen in ACKS, with all the other races of Mars gaining racial powers and less levels consequently?

If this is the case then how would one account for the added movement power? .. hand wave it?

Or do I design all the races using the custom racial classes (and every class has level limits)?

Depending on the choice above, two further questions arise .. 

How to cost the Jumping/Leaping ability above?.
And how would one cost the use of 4 arms for the Green Men (and what possible benefits that would bring in the game)



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If it were me, Red Men would be base humans. Earth Men would be a special race archetype. Very special.

That's an interesting question.

I'd agree with the concept that even if the Men of Mars are the default race, it's they who have the level limits - and earthmen do not, no matter their extra powers. This easily models John Carter's rise to Warlord of Mars.

So, Flying is 5 custom powers. The flyer can move 30' per turn, and can fly for 1 turn (I'm assuming that translates to 10 ft/round as per usual monster entries for combat)  before becoming fatigued. That's really slow, actually, but includes vertical movement, so. The Jump spell gets you 10' up, or 30' across, as a level 1 effect, based of Transmogrification's "gains ability to leap in great bounds". Actual flight, however, is only level 3.

I can't see it being under 3 powers, and I'd make a strong argument for it being worth 5 powers or more, same as Thrassian flight, due to the fact it's built in, not magic, and feels a lot more versatile in use than the Thrassian's very slow flight.