Let's Make Spreadsheets

Now that the core ACKS rules are solid, we can start figuring out the best ways to make them usable!
Electronic tools will be part of that, but it’s also really important to us that everything can be done at the table as well. Using computers to prep for the game is great, so we want to make that easy. We also want to use computers to help us understand and organize large datasets well enought to distill them into good tables, flowcharts, and other infographics.
In this thread, I’m going to be posting links to Google documents and spreadsheets I set up. Here are the guidelines for using them:
Add and reorganize, don’t change or delete… The goal is to have lots of different ways of looking at the rules, not lots of hard-to-track edits.
Proliferate. When you want to do a sweeping re-organization, copy to a new spreadsheet and go wild. If there are things you want to do in Excel, we’ll share that way too.
Explain your work. If you’ve figured out an inter-relationship in the rules or a way to code them, write about it in the associated document.

Here’s the first one, for monsters:
ACKS Monster Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0An7IQrnAKr7rdHZPd3V5UDlNYzltTjVrdWk4WjJaT1E&hl=en_US
ACKS Monster Document - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pBwD2TB7kJdY1a_iinJnvY8GV3hVojYn2iacRi0GAvg/edit?hl=en_US

Here’s a Stronghold Construction Cost calculator I put together, current v17 - haven’t looked for changes with v20.
Here’s an Effects of Insanity table if anyone’s interested.
Yours if’n you want them.

Here’s a new and accurate monster list:

Duskreign’s Minion here.
I have made a spreadsheet that makes dealing with a mercantile venture a lot easier. It will calculate costs (market prices) and weight as well as travel time with rest days. Boxes highlighted green require player input. I do, however, have a few questions:

  1. To whom can I email this this so it can be posted here?
  2. Is there any value in adding all the variable associated with taking passengers and shipping contracts? For the moment the sheet is more land focused, but is still somewhat generic (it will work well enough for basic sea ventures).
  3. For whatever reason I am unable to get the fodder costs to properly work - any ideas?
    ( Market price x #loads) + (fodder cost x (#trip days / 7)) - Edit, never mind, I got it.
    Any other suggestions would be welcomed.

The easiest way to share it is via Google documents. However, if the Excel won’t survive the translation, you can email it to me at tavis@autarch.co.
We’re doing a lot with sea voyages recently, so adding that functionality would be great!

Aye aye, Captain! I created it in Numbers (iPad) so it will be interesting to see how it translates.

I now know how a Numbers document translates into a Google document. It doesn’t. At any rate I recreated the document in Google documents - here you go!
I added some rudimentary sailing stuff, but I need to think about how detailed I should get. I could have entries for number of passengers tied into how far they are going and thus how much they pay, number of rowers, required rations for all on board etc. etc. But, take a look, see if you like how it works and we can go from there.
As an aside, the rules do not mention how often one should roll on either the Wind Direction or the Wind Condition charts. This will greatly affect how complicated making a worksheet will be.

Bump. I wish I’d seen this thread earlier… :slight_smile: These need more prominent links.

Hello All,
Before I got my own account I was using Duskreign’s. The above Merchantile Venture Sheet is mine. It is fundamentally flawed as the market price (4d4x10 applied as a percentage) is used as a global value; it is applied to all goods. It should be determined for each good separately. If there is interest in using this sheet I can make the needed changes and see if there are other improvements to be made.

Here’s a pretty simple sheet I’m going to use to track characters:

Are there any Excel character sheets out there?

I have an Excel sheet that makes NPC statblocks; having it output in a character sheet is a project I keep meaning to get to. It's in the Downloads area of the Dwimmermount and Player's Companion sections - the former with the Dwimmermount NPCs in it, the latter with the template characters. Let me know if you'd like me to post a blank version.

Has anyone made a spreadsheet that handles custom character class creation by the Player's Companion guidelines? Miguel Zapico has made a sweet one that does new spell creation, which is also in the PC download area.

Merchantile Ventures are really tough without good tables…
I would be very interested in using that sheet.