Levitate: Objects and Weight

Is there a weight limit to the Levitate spell for objects?
As it stands, it says a levitating creature can only carry their normal weight limit, but there’s no limit on weight for lifting an unattended object.
RAW suggests any weight could be lifted… Meaning, I can levitate the world. :slight_smile:
I want to say, you can levitate an object up to your lifting capacity, which makes more sense. But, the spell doesn’t specify this really.

“Size matters not!” Just kidding.
When a levitate spell is cast, the caster is the levitator and the caster, another person, or an object is the levitatee. Since when an object is the levitatee, the subject of the spell is the caster (levitator), he can therefore levitate an object of his normal weight limit.

Great! Thanks!