Libraries and spell research question

This question pertains to page 117 of the rulebook - the first sentence in the second paragraph in the Libraries section which reads:  "Every time a wiard sucessfully researches a spell, 10% of the gold spent for that effect is added to his library value..."    

Is the intent that wizard refers to any arcane spellcaster; any spellcaster (including divine casters); or does it mean only mages and not any other type of arcane or divine caster?  

I think the most obvious interpretation is any arcane caster but I'm a little confused as to why arcane but not divine casters would be able to build up their library in this manner, which makes me wonder if the author might have actually meant spellcaster.  

Thanks in advance for the rules clarification.  

I believe wizard is used here because, excluding rituals and Apostasy, arcane casters are most likely to be researching spells. However, any spellcaster conducts spell research using the same rules.

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  1. Are libraries, workshops, labs, and crypts divided into arcane and divine, or can a mage use a cleric’s library or lab and vice-versa (maybe some are separated like this and others aren’t)?

[Alex] They are not divided unless the Judge feels a particular book or item has a worth to one type of research but not to the other. For example, “The Holy Sacrament of the Lion” might be worth 2,000gp to a divine caster but worthless to an arcane caster, while “The Undisclosed Secrets of Sorcery” might be the opposite.

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It's merely bad writing on my part. It should say "spellcaster," not "wizard," for better clarity.