Life before 9

Hi folks,

So I’ve been trying to sell my group on ACKS, and something that came up in the discusson was what characters are likely to spend their time doing before they can build their stronghold (I’m aware it can be done before 9th level, but with greater difficulty/less free followers).

This is coming from the perspective of players who are interested in being able to claim a little piece of the world as their own and not JUST be adventurers. As an example, one of the players thought he might open a magic item shop.

This perspective is coloured by having seen other games where the property/kingdom game starts a bit smaller and slower, at lower level.

I’m interested in hearing whether others have any experience with this. What did your players do other than adventuring before they had their own domains?

In most ACKS campaigns I’ve run, the players have “blundered into” domains or domain-like play much earlier than 9.

Some of the activities include:

  • Mercantile trade. Most of my groups have engaged in various mercantile endeavors as soon as they have the cash.
  • Magic research. At level 5+, mages and clerics will begin working on potions and scrolls. They may also use sages and alchemists to further their research.
  • Mercenaries. PCs typically hire mercenaries in large numbers by level 5, and can get involved in military play (particularly if you are using D@W).
  • Hijinks. PCs can hire ruffians at any level to start running hijinks for them. This can sometimes put them up against a local thief’s guild, which is always entertaining. PCs can also be hired to DO hijinks.
  • Small Domains. It’s not at all unusual for PCs to have a domain before 9th level. Keep in mind that, by the demographics of the world, most local lords are only level 3-4. A mid-level adventurer could very respectably set himself up as the protector of a village with a small tower or manor home.