LL items in ACKS version of Dwimmermount

I’m doing my first thorough read-thru of the ACKS version of Dwimmermount, which will take many weeks. On page 119 in room 9 one of the items is a Scarab of Death. I can’t find this item in ACKS though it does exist in LL. No real need for any conversion work as the item description is very straightforward. However, some might not have access to LL, or another version of classic D&D. Could Autarch eventually come up with a document that can be used to clarify these gaps between the ACKS and LL versions of Dwimmermount?

As I go through my ACKS version of Dwimmermount I will try to add any more instances of these discrepancies that I find.

Thanks for starting this compilation. Depending on what players discover we’ll figure out how best to address it.

ACKS version, page 184, room 31 mentions that 1 of the crossbow bolts is a Firebolt, but it gives no description. The equivalent passage in the LL version (page 178) refers the reader to Appendix A, New Magic Items, page 321 for a description of a Firebolt. However, there is no entry for Firebolt on that page or anywhere else in the LL version that I could find. However, on page 321 (LL version)/page 327 (ACKS version) there is an entry for Firestone. Is a Firebolt an otherwise mundane bolt that has a Firestone for its head, or is it a unique magic item?