LL vs ACKs ... and switching

Do I recall a statement that the LL version was going to be, essentially, the James draft and that some additional work was going to go in to the draft to create the ACKS version?

If so, how do I ensure I get the ACKS version instead of the LL version?

From update #52.

“When will rewards be delivered?”

The Labyrinth Lord version hardcovers and PDFs will be available at Gen Con, on August 13, 2013 - you can pick them up from us there or have them shipped to you. The Adventurer Conqueror King System version hardcovers and PDFs will be shipped by Christmas, December 25, 2013. We expect that the separate map booklet, megadungeon tracker, wilderness mat, and illustration booklet will be ready to ship along with either order.

“When should I update my address or let you know which version of the book I want?”

As each version becomes available, we’ll send you a survey asking if this is the one you want as part of your reward level, and where you want it shipped. (This assumes your reward includes a hardcover - every backer who’s getting PDFs will get them for each version.) If you want a hardcover not covered by your pledge, you’ll be able to order and pay for it through Game Salute.

Some work is going to go into the LL version as well, but it won't be as extensive as the ACKS version.

After reading through the session summaries again, I think a good rule of thumb is that the LL version will strive to be faithful to James' recent intentions (as reflected in the draft and our project management conversations last year) and the ACKS version will place more emphasis on being true to the original campaign as reported at Grognardia. For example, in the session reports there's a barrier that prevents deeper entry into the dungeon that is caused by the interruption of arcane energies designed to flow from ley line nexuses in the surrounding region. The party traveled to one of these, an ancient Thulian observatory full of werewolves, and learned that a vast force of Termaxians was gearing up to re-activate this nexus and lower the barrier so they could free Turms from the dungeon.

In the drafts, James went with a different explanation for the barrier and didn't detail the observatory, but I think that the kind of action this setup implies - building or restoring fortresses around the nexus points to keep them out of enemy hands, raising mercenary armies to defend or capture the nexuses, and using control of these points to strategically raise and lower barriers allowing entry to the deeper dungeon levels - is something ACKS can do really well, especially through the interface with Domains at War.

I missed the dwwimermount KS, will we be able to purchase it when it will be released?


Yes, we'll make the print products available for pre-order at Game Salute as they're ready to go to the printer, and will put up PDFs at DTRPG and Game Salute as soon as they're ready.