Looking for a few new players for a Google Hangouts Campaign (Monday Evenings Eastern Time)

My group is looking to kick off a new campaign and we’d like to add a few players.

We’d been playing Call of Cthulhu and our new game will be a fantasy game. I’ve been pitching both Swords & Wizardry and ACKS - though I have a preference for ACKS so if I can get anyone extra for that that’s what it’ll be. :slight_smile:

I’m in the process of developing the setting. Geographically it’s based on the region of the United States and Canada between Lake Eerie and Lake Ontario, with the home city being at the top of a massive waterfall, a dwarf-built canal, one of the wonders of engineering, bypassing the falls allowing water traffic to go from one Great Lake to the other. It used to be an important crossroads but with the receding of the Auran-Empire equivalent travel has become far more dangerous and once civilized lands are now infested with orcs, goblins, and fouler beings.

A bit about the group. We range in age from late twenties to early forties, all of us with careers, families, and a premium on time. We meet every other Monday at 7:15 PM till around 10-ish, Eastern Time. We use Google Hangouts for our game and we’ll be adding on the Roll20 virtual tabletop on top of that.

We certainly can get a little bit goofy - that’s been my experience in most games I’ve been in but I want to make sure that no one comes into it expecting a metaphysical analysis on the human condition. (Heck we laugh our tails off as eldritch abominations tossed the bold investigators about in our Call of Cthulhu game). We generally have a good time.

I can’t join, but since I’m interested in long-distance gaming, I’d love to see how this works. Any intent to record and post your gaming sessions?