Looking for a Volunteer

ACKS has already shown to have a vibrant community, and we want to give back to you guys by offering the rules as a hyperlinked System Reference Document or SRD. The PDF is wonderful, but sometimes it make more sense to have an HTML document to refer to no matter where you are. The SRD we have in mind would have links throughout to concepts, spells and monsters referred to in other passages, helping people to understand how to play ACKS. We also hope to link to other assets we plan to have have hosted at Autarch.co including a character generator, a treasure generator, and a domain calculator, in addition to the many fan-made tools that you guys have already been posting.

Being a small press with limited resources, Autarch doesn't have the manpower needed to transform the PDF of ACKS into an HTML document. We're looking for one or more of our loyal fans to volunteer to adapt the rules to be hosted here at Autarch in full. Some knowledge of HTML and internet publishing would be required, but the process is simple enough, just time-consuming. In return, volunteers would get our undying love and affections, and all the ACKS swag we can muster. There might also be room for your name listed in future printings of ACKS.

If you feel like you might be the right man or woman for the job, please email me at Greg [at] autarch.co. Put ACKS SRD in the subject and let me know your experience working with these kinds of projects.