Looking for an online campaign!

Hi folks. I picked up the books at the weekend. And am definitely interested in becoming a player in a campaign. Are there any new campaigns people are organising upcoming? I have general d20 experience from playing various D&D games over the years. Plus I GM other systems regularly with a small group of friends online. But none are currently going to be GMing themselves or interests lie in other systems.

I am UK based so will be 5-8 hours ahead in time zone if there are US time zone groups only. I can make it most weeknights and Sundays if it is not too late of course. Am looking to get some playtime experience with views to run my own fantasy setting campaign with this once I get to grips with play.

Lexx, I am sure you could scrounge up some players if you ran an ACKS campaign! Also I’ve generally found (for whatever reason) Google Plus to be a really good place to find and recruit online groups. We have an ACKS Google Plus group.

Thanks Alex! I will check the group out. I am playing around with hexographer making a campaign actually. Will see what things are looking like once things are developed further. I have to say this system is really nice for world building.

Lexx, I’m running an ACKS campaign using Roll20 on Thursday evenings 8:00 - 10:00 UK time. If you have a Roll20 account, PM me your username and I’ll invite you if you’re still interested. Currently planning to delve into Castle Whiterock (ACKS converted on the fly).