Looking for automaton and dwarven machinists miniatures

Fantasy “automaton” miniatures are not particularly common, much less dwarven machinists. Following are a few recent examples I have seen. Please share any you are aware of. Thanks!

Nominally a “fantasy football team”, fortunately these multi-part miniatures aren’t carrying any footballs and could be either dwarf-shaped automatons or dwarfs in automatons/power-armor. Currency conversion and shipping outside the UK make them pricey, however.


This recently concluded Kickstarter included “Bronze Automatons of Hephaestus”: Bull, Hoplite, Hound, Minotaur and Owl.


Remind me to take pics of some old Mage Knight ones I have. I will try to get back to this thread soon, but any new posts here will alert me to read and remember.

Some of the old D&D miniatures warforged figures could work as well. A lot of them have a “mechanical” look to them that would be adequate for a humanoid automaton.

You can try some of the star wars minis droids, for starters. I know somewhere I have minis of Dwarves riding mechanical rams as well.

Try this: http://www.heroscapers.com/community/gallery/files/9/4/ram_mech.jpg

It’s a Mage Knight figure, and I don’t know the name.

Have you tried warmachine miniatures?