Looking for Players / Looking for Group

Has there been any thought given to a forum to assist ACKS players to find groups and judges to find players? The “Registered Judges” and “Registered Campaigns” sections look rather dated. There is a community on G+, but it can be easy to miss posts depending on your feed settings. The advantage of a forum is that the posts have more persistence.

I’d personally like to advertise in these forums for my online ACKS campaign, but posts to that effect in “General Discussion” seem out of place.

It’s definitely something we should do. Thanks for recommending it.

Registered Judges / Registered Campaigns is out of date because the Autarch who was in charge of it has left the team. We’ve not quite re-staffed to full strength…

Really cool!

Well, just a heads up to all that the campaign is again at a good point to add new characters.

For anyone interested in a G+ Hangout game played approximately twice monthly, check out lights-in-the-darkness-2.obsidianportal.com and send me a message there.

I’m crazy for even asking this, bit what times do you play?

In the ideal, we play once a month at 1600 CST / 0700 PST and once a month at 2000 CST / 1100 PST.

The earlier time is easier for most of the players, but my wife would kill me if I played more than once a month before we put our daughter to sleep!

The campaign continues with the company presently between adventures and planning Session 43 (after three years of play; you can see that we struggle to achieve our goal of playing twice every month). Two of the three current PCs are nearing level 5.

If you might be interested in joining us, check out https://lights-in-the-darkness-2.obsidianportal.com. New PCs will begin with 5,000 xp + ability score xp bonus, if any.

Its an excellent campaign by the way!