looking for some players for an ACKS Google hangout game

I’ll be posting this as a registered campaign too but I thought the general forum might be appropriate as well.

Real life issues has made getting a gaming quorum difficult of late and my group is looking to add a few players to our group. We meet on alternate Monday evenings from 7 to around 930 US//Canada Eastern Time. We are looking to start a new campaign and are planning on using ACKS. For our previous Cthulhu game we used Fantasy Grounds and Skype but for this we’d use a Google hangout. I’ve been gaming for nearly 30 years, getting my start with the Erol Otus version of the D&D Basic Set.

The campaign I have I mind is adventurers beyond the current borders of a once great empire, an empire that has told its frontier outposts to look to their own defenses.

You can find more info at my blog post. http://19thlevel.blogspot.com/2012/05/wanted-adventurers-in-search-of.html .

Give me a holler if you’d be interested. We are a pretty easy going group and would love some new faces at our virtual gaming table.