Looking for suggestions for introducing new players

Greetings, im new to the forums. ive been researching a new game in the older style for several months and have decided to try a go at ACK after all the positive reviews and my read through s of several of the other system books. my question here is what would be a good module to babystep new and old gamers alike into the system.
from yalls experince, is there a demo mod or something like that. i am putting together a local group that will most likly include old gamers who havent played in twenty years and new gamers who have never played. any suggestions are welcome.

The actual Auran Empire campaign kicked off with D&D B2: Keep on the Borderlands…
You might also look at some of the One Page Dungeons, such as Grey Goblin Lair or Ruins of the Old City.

You may want to take a look at some of the Labyrinth Lord modules, they have some fun plot ideas, but there are all kinds of free one shot modules out there. You’ll want to check the monster stats and make sure to convert them to ACKs style before the game, but that shouldn’t be too hard. But make sure to do it before the game starts because nothing sucks worse than having to wait for the DM try to convert stuff over in the middle of a game. Of course you could always just create something new and run that if you have the time and energy, less conversion work that way.
Some general advice I’d like to give you about running the game. A biggie for the first play-though is read the rules thoroughly. If you show up to run the demo and you don’t know how things are supposed to work, how are the player supposed to? More than likely the players are going to be frustrated, and lost; if you’re going to run a game for new people take some time to be prepared. It’s the best advice I can give, for getting, and keeping, players interested in the game you’re running.
Best of Luck buddy

Hi Chicory,
I was about to say Caves of Chaos/Keep on the Borderlands before I read Alex’s reply.
It is a big time classic that gives a lot of entries into a dungeon with different monster factions within, one of the hallmarks of a good old-school experience.
The conversion of monsters seems like you can do it on the fly. Just crack open the core book and reference the stats, but it seems the only big thing to worry about is converting the AC. Most of the other changes are minor enough not to worry about for a 1st adventure.
Prep by making several pre-gen characters for folks to play and run a test combat by yourself to help you look up any combat stuff you may have missed on the first pass. Good to go.

thanks for all the advice so promptly