Looking to work out a cost for a new modifier to the Power Drain ability

Hey all.

I recently picked up this system and Im looking to gen up some characters for practice, starting with one that’s been in my head for a while. This is for a hero concept named Loaner.

Loaner has the ability to transfer any other super beings powers to himself, but only with their consent. It has no range limitation, but it does need to be solidified with a legal contract. There are other nuances, and Im still figuring out the system to see what it can accommodate, but that’s the gist.

My first idea for implementing this ability is a linked set of:

Power Drain and Power Replication so that you can only replicate what you drain.

My first hurdle for this is how much of a discount (if any, though I feel it deserves one) would be appropriate for a new modifier to Drain Power I would call Consensual. I would define this as:

Drain power has no range limitation, and succeeds as a Red Automatic Action (so the whole power gets drained,) however, the character needs the consent of the drained target. This needs to be understood by the user of the Drain as the honest consent of the target, they are not allowed to coerce the target in any way (manipulation through powers, torture, blackmail, etc is disallowed)

Then maybe slap on a drawback for the power needing extra legal applications to use the ability or something.

How much of a discount (if any) would you allow for this new modifier? My first instinct is something like -25 to base and -6 to variable. That’s a steep discount to be sure, but I feel that the modification of complete agreement from the target makes that power all but useless in a fight and only really narratively useful. It might even not be enough!

What say you?

We had a good chat about this on the Discord server! Be sure to post what your final build ends up looking like.