Lore of the World

Is the lore of this world detailed anywhere besides the Auran Empire Primer? I’ve been playing a pair of Zaharan brothers in a campaign I’m in, and I wish I could recall on Zaharan lore both in and out of character more often. Is there anywhere where stories of Zahar (or anywhere else even) I could look into for detailed histories?

The information is spread out through many products. Here is where you can find Zaharan-related information specifically:

AX1 Sinister Stone of Sakkara
AX3 Capitol of the Borderlands
AX5 Eyrie of the Dread Eye
AX6 Sepulcher of the Sorceress Queen

Heroic Fantasy Handbook (Zaharan character classes, Iron Crown of the Sorcerer-Kings, Ring of the Queen’s Heart)

Lairs & Encounters (Merchant lair, Mummy Lord lair, Sphinx Lair, Nathagol lair, Skeleton lair)

Axioms Compendium I - Beastmen, Savage Swords of Chaos
Axioms Compendium II - Lore of the Stars
Axioms Compendium II - Priestess of Nasga
Axioms Compendium II - Metaphysics of the Cosmos