Lore outside of Aura

Hey, I was wondering if there is a Mongolian/Asia parallel in the ACKs universe, I thought it was Kemesh or the Sunset Kingdoms but I can’t find much on lore for them outside of it being a home for Thrassians outside of Zahar. A buddy of mine is running a game where I’m a Mystic and I never really know where to say I’m from/never know anything about where I’m from. Is there anywhere I can find information that?

Sure! Your Mystic is probably from Somirea, which is the India / Bactria equivalent.

Mongols and Huns and so on can be found in Skysostan.

Kemesh is analogous to Egypt, Celdorea analogous to Persia, Opelenea is the Levant / Phoenicia, and Shebatea is Arabia.


Thanks, that cleared it up a lot

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