Losing Spellbooks

My players freed a high level wizard from some sort of stasis and now I wondered what happens with the spells that he still has in his repertoire (His spellbook was stolen a long time ago).

The rules state that for each week without spellbok he loses one spell level but can rewrite the spells from memory for the cost of 1000 GP and 1 week of work for each spell level.
Does that mean:

  • While writing down his 5th level spell he will lose 5 1-level spells?
  • Can he choose what spell he forgets?
  • Does he lose a 4-level spell at the beginning or at the end of a 4 week period?
  • Can he only write spells into his spellbok that are still in his repertoire or also the ones that got lost already?

1) While writing down his 5th level spell, he might lose 5 1st level spells, or 2 2nd and 1st, etc.

2) The Judge picks what spells are lost. I would recommend that he lose the highest level spells first, and work down from there.

3) You lose the spells at the beginning of the period.

4) He can only write spells into his spellbook that are still in his repertoire. If he ends up knowing less than his maximum number, he has to re-learn them via research, scrolls, etc.

Note that if your wizard has been in stasis he won't have lost anything ... yet. 

Interesting. Based on the fluff, I’d have assumed that the Mage would lose all of his spells while in stasis, having totally missed a variety of arcane obligations, planetary alignments and general metaphysical tuning.

The stasis also froze all of the mage’s mind/body/soul’s quantum entanglements, which instantly realigned with the current state of the multiverse when he was freed?

It’s magic!