Magic in Lost Legends home campaign

I was trying to understand and develop characters with the rules found in the axioms magazine. I like the corruption rules for magic and I wanted alignment based mages in my game anyway so I found it to be very interesting. I want to show you what I worked up and you tell me if I understood the rules properly.

With corruption rules the characters would get 1 custom power per level in magic, which is 4 for mages. If we take those four and we do delayed growth that should give powers on levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9. So I had 3 alignment based groups of wizards, as you grow more corrupt and loose your alignment you would switch to the other type of caster.
     White Wizards           Grey Wizards                                  Black WIzards
2  Divine Blessing           Resistance to Illusions                    Dark Blessing

3 Protection from Evil      Prestidigitation                                Protection from good

4 Detect Evil                   Innate illusion mastery                    Detect Good

5 Strength of Spirit          Mastery of Charms and Illusions     Ancient Pacts 

7 Commune                    Probabilty transe                            Contact Dark Power

9 Sanctity of Body           Grey Master                                   After the Flesh

*Grey master lets you drop 1 corruption point per week down to a minimum of 1 times your wisdom.


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