[Magic Item] Staff of the Tower

Here’s a magic item common to one of the factions in my campaign world I thought I’d share. Tower Wizards are an elementalist mage class I wrote up, much of it stolen from CharlesDM’s wizard class posted on bythisaxe.co (thanks CharlesDM):

Staff of the Tower: These enchanted staves are presented as gifts to those who survive the dangerous trials and ordeals of the order to become full-fledged Tower Wizards. They are finely wrought and carved to taste from some appropriate wood or other: blackthorn, rowan, beech, ash, oak, etc. On the primary end, a precious stone attuned to the staff’s focal element has been worked into the wood and glistens in preternatural brilliance: sapphire for air, turquoise for earth, ruby for fire, and malachite or moonstone for water. These staves serve as a focus and channel for the elemental magic they are attuned to. When held, the staff conveys the elementalism proficiency (of air, earth, fire, or water). To most in the order, the staff of the tower is their most prized possession, and often they will endow even greater enchantments upon it as they rise in power and prestige.

How does creating proficiency-items work? Do you first need to develop a Transformative spell that grants the proficiency and then make an item out of it, or do you have to have the proficiency and then create the item as if there were a spell for it, or do you need both the proficiency and a spell that grants it… ?

the first option (spell to grant proficiency, then make an item with that spell) makes the most sense to me. The only danger is that, given enough time and money, somebody could grant themselves a large number of proficiencies, but if the cost is sufficiently prohibitive, then only a mages’ order dedicate to a particular proficiency would be able to make a big enough breakthrough to cast the spell at a low enough level such that only then would the staves not be cost prohibative.

How’s this, and is my math wrong?

New Spell

Gain Elementalism (Transmogrification): Partial Transformation - Current form gains proficiency-like ability (20), target 1 living corporeal creature (x1), target may be undead creature (x1.25), range self (x0.5), duration 1 turn (x0.7), beneficial effect (x1), arcane (x1). = total cost 8.75 = 1st level spell

Magical Item
Staff of the Tower (Permanent Effect, Unlimited Use): 500gp x 1 x 50 = 25,000gp, 100 days to create.

Hey jedavis,

Since Alex has pretty much gone through and made a spell for every magical item effect he’s listed in the game, I went with your first approach. A spell needs to be researched that grants the proficiency (which is in the spell creation rules in the Player’s Companion) and then a magical item must be created using the researched spell.