[Magic Item] The Edge of Thorns

An ancient elfish weapon, when found, an Edge of Thorns appears to be a thick stick or a paddle roughly as long as a sword, with a complex carved cross-guard that evokes the impression of roses. When grasped, two rows of a dozen thorns each grow from opposite sides of the paddle, appearing like a wooden version of a leiomano or macuahuitl. It functions as a +1 sword. Additionally, a number of roots grow from the hilt of the blade. These roots insinuate themselves into the arteries and veins of the arm of the grasping hand, although this inflicts no damage on the wielder. The connection between the wielder and blade has its advantages and drawbacks; the wielder receives a +2 bonus to paralyzation saves to avoid being disarmed, but suffers 1d4 damage if they fail the save. Each time a hit by the Edge of Thorns connects with an enemy capable of bleeding, the weapon inflicts 1 extra point of damage as it extracts blood from the wound, and one of the thorns becomes engorged with blood. If the wielder of the sword is injured, the Edge of Thorns converts absorbed blood into healing sap at a rate of 1 hit point per round; the thorn will shrivel and fall off of the blade, and the wielder's wounds will begin to seal over and fill with a green sap as they heal. Drained thorns will be replaced at the next dawn after they're used. When the wielder wants to stop using the Edge of Thorns, they must make a specific set of muscular contractions in their arm. The roots will then withdraw; again, no damage is inflicted, but a few drops each of blood and sap will drip from the places where the roots penetrated the flesh. Any elf seeing a non-elf with an Edge of Thorns will attempt to acquire it by any method compatible with their morals and ethics.

love this. even without the extra fun stuff like bonuses to disarms and healing, this is what +1 swords should be: more than just the bonus.