Making sense of the CHART Designer's Note

Greetings, folks. This question is specifically for Alexander Macris, but if someone else can help me make sense of it, that’d be great.

In the Ascendant core rulebook, I’m trying to figure out how Macris pulled the percentage ranges that he plugged into the color columns. I’ve read the Designer’s Note on pg. 54 and I understand what it says until I reach the third sentence of the first paragraph, where it states:

“If you multiply the value of the color results (x1 for Green, x2 for Yellow, x4 for Orange, and x8 for Red) by the percentage likelihood of each color result for each RV, then the expected values on the RV (Other) column from RVs of -3 to 3 are 0.12, 0.24, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, and 7.75. The value roughly doubles with each point of RV, just as it should.”

I seriously need an example of how he derived, for example, a 01-03 result on the Red column of the RV (Attack) 2/RV (Other) 1 column. Without a clear example, that third sentence I typed out is word salad to me. In fact, if one example per color column could be provided, that’d be the bee’s knees.

Thanks in advance.

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I suggest you to join the Autarch Discord (that is way more frequently visited by players and creators), where you can post the same question in the relevant Ascendant channel and he’ll help you out asap.

Thanks, ibenny. I’ll make sure to post my question there.