Manual of Monsters?

Are there any plans in the works for ACKS to have a new/updated/expanded list of monsters?

I enjoy the assortment that is in the ACKS book, quite a lot can be done with those monsters but I’m left wanting more. I have done some conversion and created/stolen new monstes, I was mainly curious as to whether or not the ACKS guys had plans for an ACKS book dedicated to monsters?

Also, I’m curious in hearing from other Judges out there about your custom created monsters; which are your favorites? which one’s are you proud of? what didn’t work out quite right?

Hi John!
The Auran Empire Campaign Setting is going to include many new monsters. Here’s the current list:
Blood Hound
Chaos Hulk
Child of Nasga
Death Charger
Desert Ghoul
Dire Beastman (six varieties)
Flay Fiend
Mummy Lord
Servitor Wight
Sorcerous Sphere
Venous Sentinel

Of the monsters I’ve created, Desert Ghouls are my favorite. They are based on the shape-shifting monsters of Arabian Nights.

And of the ones I created, I think I’d have to go with the Child of Nasga, Rakshasa, or Sorcerous Sphere. Many of the entries are directly inspired by myth (and in many cases, much more closely than the creatures of the same name in D&D). Examples include the Draugr, Hag, Leyak, Rakshasa (most definitely NOT tiger-headed, reverse-handed creatures in this case), and Yali.

The Draugr is my favorite of the ones you've created.

It’s exciting to hear the Auran Empire book will include new monsters!

When looking for “familiar” monsters not in the ACKS rulebook, I first look at Labyrinth Lord and the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion (both available in free versions).

Swords & Wizardry is not too far removed from ACKS/LL, and the Swords & Wizardry Tome of Horrors Complete is a big book o’ monsters, if you have it. I have not looked at the Swords & Wizardry “Monster Book”, but I plan to check out the new version from their Kickstarter, called “Monstrosities”, when it’s available.

Paizo creates a steady stream of substantially open content monsters, inspired by real-world myths or filling game-space gaps, and I wish there was a source for converting some of that content to ACKS, LL or something closer, like S&W. For example, I converted Paizo’s goblin dog because goblin dogs are easier to add to a low-level goblin encounter than dire wolves. Similarly, there are some 3rd edition open content monsters without older-edition stats that I wish were converted. For example, similar to goblin dogs, I like mixing krenshars in with my gnolls. (Some people don’t like krenshars, but skull-faced hyenas seem very Conan-esque to me.) PF/3E monsters are often more complex rules-wise, and I generally focus on converting the HD/AC/damage and simplifying down to one or two special powers.

Thanks, mate. It was nice to use myth for that sucker, though I imagine a few folks will say something like, “Dude, you totally ripped off Skyrim!” :wink:

Excellent, glad to hear there will be Monsters in the Auran Empire book. That’s good news. It would be neat to eventually see a Gamemaster’s handbook as a companion to the Player’s Companion. It sounds like you guys have plenty of irons in the fire right now though. Not to sound like a taskmaster but, Get to Work!! :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions CharlesDM. I really haven’t looked at LL or S&W for inspiration yet, I have copies of both so I’ll look into them. The ACKS book has a pretty decent spread on the monsters, I am just always wanting more…MOAR MONSTERS!! RAWR!