Map numbering

On the Path of Mavors map - which I’m discussing in the general forum rather than the private one because its basic cartography already been revealed elsewhere - there are two possible entrances to the dungeon. One is the assumed entrance, and the numbering of rooms begins near this entrance. The problem for me is that taking one turning from the entrance can lead to room 1, and another turning can lead to 65. This creates a lot of page flipping and makes the map key harder to understand in first read-through because the numbers don’t always correspond to the proximity to the entrance.

What is the best way to number rooms for ease of reference and readthrough?

I usually start at the top left work to the right, start again at the left, next room down that isn’t numbered and continue to the right. I do that till I hit the bottom of the page. The room currently marked “65” would be 1, “64” becomes 2, “2” becomes 3, “4” stays “4”, “7” becomes “5”, “63” would be “6” and so forth.

wyrdbrew, does that lead to the same situation where going from a room in “row 1” to one just south of it in “row 2” creates a big jump in number? Maybe not as serious as the jump from 1 to 65, I guess.

Some page flipping is probably unavoidable with levels this size. Another approach might be to break a map into quadrants keeping rooms in one corner of the map numbered closely.