Map of the Ammas Aurë?

Is there a rough map out there of the Ammas Aurë, and the surrounding civilizations? The descriptions of the empires is very cool, but I am having a hard time visualizing their relations to each other, and even a sketch on the back of a napkin would be helpful.

We have several detailed maps of the region. I’ll see about getting a map uploaded to the site.

Thank you! I’m going to start a campaign using the current beta ruleset this weekend and would love to have at least a rough sketch of the Empire.
Already tweaked the fighter into a legionary and the explorer class into a scout, heh. We’re interested in the chop til you drop ability. I think that’s a great alteration of combat dominance. I’m thinking of giving full weapon damage on a natural 20 and allowing the fighter to apply it to all engaged foes.