Mass urban combat?

My historical game has reached an interesting stage; the PCs are intending to mobilise several hundred (around 200) citizens of Massalia and use them to roust out the criminal element in the docks.

They’re aimed at one crimeboss in particular, and his thugs will be prepared to resist. They’ll be sectioning the docks and turning over various hideouts and wineshops, if they meet serious resistance they’re supposed to call the city hoplites to bring in the heavies.

I’m wondering if there might be a way to structure this as a battle with D@W.


Sounds like a good time to playtest the platoon-scale DaW:Battle rules to me!

How awesome! I could see several ways to run this fight:

  1. If you want to use D@W: Campaigns, you could run it as a series of Assaults, with each section of the neighborhood being treated as a fortified structure. PCs could do heroic forays in the house-to-house fighting. The various Vagaries of Battle could be deployed easily here.

  2. If you want to use D@W: Battles, I would do it at Platoon scale. Lay down a grid of 1-hex wide roads on the battle map, and then place 1-3 story fortified structures in each hex around the roads. The structures could have connections between them if they are part of larger buildings, or at the rooftop level for Assassin’s Creed style rooftop bridges and so on.

#2 would take a lot of GM prep but it would probably be amazing.