Masterwork arrows and bows

Considering masterwork arrows and bows bonuses function differently than melee weapons, should the price of masterwork bows and arrows also be taken into account?

I've been considering, since ranged weapons are only divided into two seperate part,(accuracy and magical for bows, damage and magical for ammo), should the cost of bows and arrows be adjusted? I was thinking 650 for 20 arrows which provide +1 damage, but no magical quality, or a +1 accuracy bow, but no magical quality.  

But this brings up the point, why would anyone ever attempt to construct or purchase a bow +1 when a masterwork bow does the exact same thing if magical arrows are used. Or does a Bow +1 allow masterwork ammo to be considered magical when shot? If so, no character would use a magical bow and arrow in conjunction. 

While it would have some impact I havent really seen it crop up that much in play.

I've been running games for years with the concept of Masterwork (in that well made equipment gives bonuses like magic, even back in my AD&D days) and have found that players still like to use magic equipment over the exceptionally crafted even if there is little difference between the mechanical benefits.  

The other interesting benefit I've found though with exceptionally crafted equipment is that once in a while a player will have a character that distrusts magic as part of their character concept (or you can create an NPC that way) and avoids the magic gear altogeather meaning they also dont miss out.

Typically speaking for making magic items they need to be excetional work (ie masterwork) to begin with, so the magical enchantment will hold much easier.  Magic also makes the item much more sturdy and highly reistant to the ravages of time and wear and tear.
Magic ammunition on the other hand is often a one shot and done deal (in that you get one shot with that magic arrow), meaing enchanting costs add up very quickly for what is close to a disposable item.

Magic ammunition on the other hand is often a one shot and done deal (in that you get one shot with that magic arrow), meaing enchanting costs add up very quickly for what is close to a disposable item.


Hmmmmmm, I've done it the opposite way: magical ammunition can be gathered back up and re-used.  You do have to watch out for things like shooting a monster who then runs away or missing targets that are standing next to cliffs.

This may be a thing our group has picked up from older RPGs and not an ACKs thing too.

Having some experience with Bow use in reality (for a game your free to rule whatever) collecting arrows isn't actually all that simple.  Ones that hit something quite solid are often damaged (not too much of an issue for magic), those that hit enemies will often see them break them via movements or actions of said enemies, those that miss in a more wilderness area are often extreemly hard to find (even if you know where they went) as the trajectory often will bury them under grass or other obstacles, abet less so for enclosed areas as they would typically hit walls or other barriers/terrain.

Typically meaning even if the arrow survives, the shooter isn't always going to find them again either.

I think the presumed durability of magic items addresses most of those, though if you were willing to make the rolls, you could have would-be broken arrows involve the firer rolling a saving throw vs. paralysis (ala avoiding a sunder attempt) and add the arrow's enhancement bonus.

The big one is the "losing it in the wilderness".  That seems legitimate, although it could potentially be somewhat eased if you're willing to burn a detect magic spell (and in the wilderness you're probably expecting to get to rest between fights).


but of course, this is all idle speculation relative to the taste of the judge and the players.

I'm not particuarly happy with how magic ammunition works in ACKS - my house rules for my next campaign will be:

  • Both ranged weapons and ammunition add to attack and damage, like other magic weapons. Magic weapons and ammunition do not stack - only the better of the two bonuses applies.
  • Given that magic ammunition are one-shot items, they are too expensive (they shoudl cost 1/50 of the price of a permanent item, not 1/20), so I will be lowering the price to enchant them accordingly (I may also increase the amount of magic ammunition you get from treasure).

Jard, I think that's a decent approach.

I might leave costs-as-is, while saying that arrows stack with bows, while arrows are one-use.