Maximum Domain Size

Hi guys - this is a quick copy-paste from the WordPress section of the website, because I’m a numpty and because I need to catch a train. Humble apologies if it’s been raised and addressed elsewhere. And if you didn’t already know - Ryan is a god :slight_smile:
I’ve been reading through version17 of the ACKS word doc. and playing with Hexographer, and hex measurements and relearning my high school maths (I feel like I’ve become so stupid in the last few years…) and I’m struck by something that I think is wrong in the rulebook, but I’m half expecting more experienced minds to tell me I’m incorrect. However, better to ask a question and be a fool for a minute, etc…
On page 113, ‘Securing a Domain’, the rules state ‘The minimum size of a domain is a 32-square mile area of land (1 6-mile hex on a standard wilderness map) and the maximum size is 832 square miles (16 contiguous 6-mile hexes or 1 24-mile hex).’
According to the maths I’ve just relearned, the area of a 24 mile hex is roughly 500 square miles (498.83, based on the area of a 6 mile hex being 31.17 - just plugged numbers into Excel).
Why the big difference? Am I doing something wrong here or is there something I’m missing?

How embarassing! I have the correct number of 6-mile hexes per 24-mile hex, but I used the wrong number when I worked out the area of 24-mile hexes. The source of my error was that since I had mentioned a domain is 32-square miles, I inadvertently plugged in 32-mile hexes rather than 24-mile hexes.
I just re-calculated the area of a 24-mile hex as approximately 500 miles, too. I’ll fix this in the rules ASAP.
Thanks for catching the mistake.