Mercantile Ventures & Market Creation Tables Made Easy

I have created a spreadsheet that will create the market demand modifiers according to the environmental modifiers table as well as letting you have two adjacent markets (trade routes) alter each others demand modifiers.

In the other sheet I have made a spreadsheet that will take the hassle out of your PCs mercantile ventures. The only thing that I cannot do is create the roll tables for the likelihood of an available merchant to trade with you. This is the only thing left for you to do.

Please reply with any comments or questions.

The link:

EDIT: I have updated the spreadsheet, I didn’t realize that I forgot that the trade route tied markets did not have an option for equal market class. I have added this, not easy to miss.

very nice. I did something similar on my own, but it’s not nearly as nice as yours, and definitely not fit for anyone’s use but my own. I will offer this one piece of caution to anyone who does some copy+paste info: be careful that you actually got numbers and not the equation, especially since the randbetween function will re-roll every time you make a change to the spreadsheet it is kept in!

As the opening poster’s judge, I have to say it’s awesome having players who feel like making things like this for me.

Thanks again, cmarteta!

Read my edit. I have added something I forgot to add. It’s for trade route tied markets.

I just wanted to say thanks for creating this. I’m currently using it to create DMs for Dwimmermount cities.