Mercenary Pay Schedule vs Recruitment

I’m having a brainfart.

I’m working up a post on making a domain from scratch for practice, figure I might as well do some D@W examples, and I had a question about recruitment time periods vs. pay periods.

If I’m recruiting on a monthly crop period, it takes one month to recruit the first half of the available crop.

Do I pay them that next month, once recruited, or for the same month they were recruited in?

I’m guessing it’s the next month, as the “same period” logic would not hold for the season and year crop periods, unless “one month’s pay” is the hiring bonus, so to speak, for agreeing to recruitment?

I was working up a schedule table and I was trying to decide if the first crop’s wages go in Month 2 rather than Month 1, essentially.


You pay wages in arrears, at the end of the month of service.

EXAMPLE: On Day 0 you start recruiting 120 mercenaries.
On Day 30 (end of Month 1), you have 60 mercenaries.
On Day 60 (end of Month 2), you pay for 60 mercenaries and get 30 more.
On Day 90 (end of Month 3), you pay for 90 mercenaries and get 30 more.
On Day 120 (end of Month 4), you pay for 120 mercenaries.

Heh. You said ‘arrears’.

Also: Excellent, that’s what I plotted out. Thanks!