Military training and proficiencies

I was wondering whether military training would bring any proficiencies or benefits in single combat. As Manual of Arms is only required for the trainers, do the trained troops learn any actual proficiencies? I'm assuming they learn the weapon proficiencies for those weapons thay train with plus riding if cavalry. The question really is do they learn other proficiencies like Skirmishing, Weapon Focus or something special for shield walls? If they do, could one train more specialized troops with proficiencies in Ambushing, Berserkergang, Fighting Style etc.?

They learn the weapons and armor appropriate to their role, manual of arms, and riding proficiency if cavalry. Next issue of Axiomis will be about domains of war related matters, and will cover your question thoroughly!

If everyone learns the Manual of Arms, does that mean that anyone trained can get higher paid work as a trainer? If the skirmish and shield wall tactics are included in it, can they be used in single combat? Would the same bonus to AC from shield wall apply in smaller scale combat too?