Mirrors of Opposition

One of my groups managed to find a Mirror of Opposition and now tries to get good use out of in battle.
Up till now I handwaved how many opponents were affected but it would be nice to have a mechanic for it…

The mirror allows no save and a attack throw seems odd.
Anybody got an idea?

The language says “a creature”, so I would say a creature per round. If that seems too powerful, bear in mind that it’s probably easy to accidentally catch a PC in it, and it’s probably fragile.

One per round sounds like a very good idea!
I don’t mind if they have very powerful artifacts. It speeds things up a bit at the lower levels and crates powerful enemies in the later ones.
I rather have the mirror unbreakable (though getting attacked by a horde of miniature versions of themselves Army of Darkness style sounds tempting!) so there can be a constant struggle with other factions for the possession of the artifact.

Adding a chance for a fumble would probably in order though. :slight_smile: