Missing Encounter Stats

Here’s my list, along with suggestions for alternates:

Acolyte (treat as Cleric)
Bandit (treat as Thief)
Birds: Eagle, Giant Eagle, Owl, Swan, Vulture (treat as Hawk-equivalents)
Buccaneer (treat as Pirate)
Medium (treat as Cleric*)
Monkey (treat as Kobold?)
Noble (treat as Merchant)
Sphinx (have a sphinx)
Trader (treat as Merchant**)
Tribesman (treat as Nomad)
Veteran (treat as Fighter)

  • Warlock if Player’s Companion is available.
    ** Venturer if Player’s Companion is available.

Sphinx is the only one that really hurts :-). (Also, thanks to Beastman for the sphinx entry.)

Yeah, I rolled a sphinx the other day and went “… wait a second…” Ended up just re-rolling on that subtable.

well, if you roll a sphinx next time, you would want to use this: http://www.autarch.co/forum/sphinx-statblock-1 and also in the Downloads/Monsters - file

I’ve updated my recommendation to your sphinx, thank you.