Modern scientists discover ACKS' goldenrod tincture? And ACKS healing discussion

This is an older article, but I didn’t know of it before yesterday:

Pretty interesting and possibly inspiring for gaming.

ACKS’ very simple Healing proficiency and herbs are one of its strengths, in my opinion.

The only thing I’ve added in play is a limited alchemical healing option between herbs and healing potions. (I don’t think that’s needed but I liked it my game.) I’ve been tempted to expand/restructure Healing proficiency to include options lining up with the healing spells in the Player’s Companion (partly wondering what Healing proficiency may have looked like if those spells were in core, and partly in answer to players taking 4 or 5 ranks in Healing proficiency for the proficiency throw reduction; maybe stretching RAW, but I allowed it). Anyway, I wrote the additions but never used them in play, because they didn’t seem to be needed.

How about ACKS healing in your games?