Module suggestions for a beginner Judge

Vulfelind’s player has asked me if I would help her run Galswintha’s player through a dungeon. I am all for encouraging this sort of thing.

(I mean, it means that someday maybe I can play.)

Anyway, the point: she would like to run a pre-build dungeon as training wheels. I would like to not do the pre-building myself - see previous comments I’ve made about being lazy - so I’m looking for a good module that one character with a horde of henchmen could manage.

Low level is probably good, too, but not as strictly necessary.

Any recommendations for modules that might be good and easy to convert to ACKS?

B2! (That’s like posting “First!” in newbie DM module threads) :slight_smile:

I’ve just started Cult of the Reptile God (AD&D 1E) with 4 level 2 PCs using ACKS and it is super easy to convert (AC and treasure amounts are the only issues I’ve found so far, see below). It’s not exclusively a dungeon crawl though, but I think that is a good thing. It basically goes:

  1. town mystery
  2. very simple overland trek
  3. dungeon crawl

There’s plenty of beginner advice within it, as it’s meant to be a beginner module. I bet it would be a blast for a single, low-level PC with a horde of henchmen.

Conversions I’ve done:

  1. To convert AC in the module to ACKS, I believe the formula is 9-(listed AC)=ACKS AC equivalent

  2. To make XP follow ACKS 4:1 ratio of treasure XP vs. monster XP, I simply tallied up the monster XP of monsters defeated thus far and multiplied that sum by 4. Then I compared that to the actual treasure acquired… it was higher so I just lowered the value of some of the gems/jewelry until the treasure XP met the ACKS ratio.

Good luck with whatever module you go with.

EDIT: just to clarify above, in step 2), the treasure XP vs. monster XP in the module was more like a 5:1 or 6:1 ratio, so I lowered the worth of some of the valuables to get it back to the 4:1 ratio.

B2 has the advantage of availability. If you’re in the WotC playtest, they include a fairly-compatible version of it renamed Caves of Chaos; and the original is being resold at various places online for less than $20.

Thanks, folks. I had completely forgotten B2 … and I have a (admittedly beat-up) copy in my closet.

Apparently, the old brain just needed a kick.