Monster-Treasure Assortments

I used to use the old “Monster-Treasure Assortments” back in my Holmes, AD&D1, and RC D&D days quite frequently (they help prove that, really, everything before 3e was the same game).

I’m thinking of working up my own version of one for ACKS for level 2 dungeons at least. But, I’m pausing for two reasons. Perhaps the old ones can just be used without too much fuss; and, since they ignore the whole ACKS lair-encounter idea, it may throw things out of whack. On the third hand, I may just be over thinking things.

Has anyone else used the old M_T_A’s for ACKS? If treasure is played more by ear, does it really make a difference?

I think it would be workable with ACKS. I can also see the fun in having a new one too. A thing to keep in mind, while the older editions didn’t have the lair vs. encounter rules, they did offer the suggestion that when a smaller number are encountered you reduce the treasure that would be found accordingly, and the main treasure entries were designed to be used as the treasure found in the lair and not what a group might be wandering around carrying.

Monsters returning from a raid, leaving to trade (hey gold it gold, even if it comes from an orc), or moving to another lair could be carrying a significant amount of loot, though likely less than would be in their lair. Furthermore, if they have access to magic weapons or other trinkets, they might have some bits of value even before a raid (a champion might have jewelry to show off his status, likely stolen from a now-dead victim who tried to bargain for her life). Still, there is little reason to carry large amounts of heavy treasure on patrols and the like, so it is unlikely that they will have nearly as much.

You could also have monster parts be the big treasure, but it can quickly become silly as the party carts wagon-loads of assorted corpses to town regularly. Demand in general for monster parts tends not to be very high, as only a few mages craft often and they tend to have very specific needs.