Monsters and treasures: use as written or will you change them?

One thing I think will make a nice addition to the separate map book will be rosters of monsters and treasures. Hackmaster adventures do this to good effect, and I think it will be very helpful to keep track of what valuables the PCs have recovered, the strength of different factions, and adjucate questions in play like “what information can a captive provide about the level”.

Would you like to see these rosters based on the dungeon key as written? Or do you anticipate making enough changes in the stocking of monsters and treasures that it would be better to have the roster be blank?

Some in-between positions:

  • the roster has room for changes and additions
  • the print version of the map book has the roster based on the key, but the PDF version has an option to make the roster canonical or blank

Definitely include the roster for the keyed map, but also include the blank one or one that can be altered for those who want to do that I think!

I’d probably go with the roster for the keyed map but with room somewhere to note the changes. Maybe the PDF version could be a form-fillable version where you could remove/change/add things?

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