More Monsters: Inkwell Ideas' Free Labyrinth Lord Conversions of SRD Monsters

The ACKS community might find it useful to know that Inkwell Ideas created a web page with “0e/1e” (Labyrinth Lord) creature stats as part of their Creature Decks Kickstarter project, here:

An example 3E creature with LL stats and picture here:

nice to finally have stats for a lich, though I suspect it will require some tweaking. assuming LL is 20 levels, then a lich being an 18th level caster would be roughly equivalent to a level 13 mage. Then again, it might be better to just treat their HD as their caster level and call it another 2 special abilities.

Anyway, is there a comprehensive list of conversions from LL to ACKs? The AC stuff i’ve figured out at this point, but other stuff like treasure hoards could require some additional thought.

The ACKS version of Dwimmermount has a substantial number of LL monsters converted to ACKS stats.

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I do own that, so I’ll have to give it a look, but are there general guidelines? Like in the Lich example: what does Hoard: XXII map to in ACKs, and what should an 18th level caster be treated as if you assume it’s proportional to ACKs (since a lich technically could have more caster levels than a regular player thanks to undeath)

Based on the After the Flesh ability, I’d assume that an undead is still limited to 14th level in class abilities. (After the Flesh lets you continue to advance in your class after you transform to undead, beyond even your class’s maximum level, but not beyond 14th level of ability.)

So a lich could be 18 HD and have the HP and attack throws to back it up, but would still cast spells as a 14th level caster.

I made myself think of a follow-up question.

Is a class with After the Flesh limited to 14th level in their own class, or limited to the peak of PC ability (14th level in a ‘pure’ class)?

In other words, say you have a 28 HD Ruinguard Death Knight. Do they cast spells as a 14th level ruinguard or a 14th level wizard?

(The sorcerer-priest example almost helped me, until I realized it also has Zaharan 2, so at 14th level that class has cleric14/wizard14 spellcasting already.)

I’m inclined to say that the sheer amount of XP that would be required means you might as well be as permissive as possible if it’s a PC doing that. IF you actually run a campaign long enough that people are excited about making it to level 28 as an undead ruinguard, why not let them cast all those spells? Although technically with a strict reading of the rules, they might not get a lot of the benefits mages get at the corresponding levels.

I think they’d get everything mages do; Arcane 2 says “cast spells and engage in magical research as a mage of half your class level”. And since mages don’t have any class features that aren’t “cast spells and engage in magical research”, that covers all of them.

I do agree in general that this is not a question that badly needs to be answered. The stat block of a 28th level ruinguard death knight can be summarized as ‘he kills you alright’. You’re also right that it would require a pretty ludicrous amount of XP; a ruinguard has 6 points spend in non-HD categories, so they have three special abilities from After the Flesh. Let’s say a death knight has two more for a total of five abilities. Reaching 28 HD would require 369,099,000,000 XP. I, uh, don’t think this will ever come up in any campaign ever.

But I can still think about it!

Colin Chapman created a one page conversion guide here:

It’s not going to help with something like the lich you’re discussing, but I think it’s useful for most conversions.

thanks! you’re right that it doesn’t quite answer those questions, but I steal from enough LL stuff that this will be handy to keep around.