Mortal Wounds and Lay on Hands

How do you guys handle the +1 per level of magical healing for Lay on Hands? Character level seems excessive, but +1 seems whack for say, a 10th Level Paladin healing like 22 hp or whatever.


you could use the lay on hands value as either a max or average and compare it to actual healing spells to see how it stacks up. IE: is 22 about how much cure critical wounds heals? then treat lay on hands like that level of spell.

Because I am a huge softie (as evidenced by the Opelenean Nights thread), I permit +1 per level of the character using Lay on Hands. This makes Lay on Hands the go-to option for mortally wounded PCs.

If you prefer a more hardcore choice, I think an accurate translation is roughly 2/3 character level. 

I let our cleric use +1 per level, but as it is limited by daily uses, I don’t think it is open to too much abuse.

I’m surprised you guys go with +1 per level. We did that initially, but now that our Paladin is like 10th Level is seems super excessive compared to spells like Cure Serious Wounds and whatnot.

Hmmmm. Might go with 1/2 level for that, so +7 at 14th Level.

It depends on how you view lay on hands. I don’t think that allowing one “save your limbs from mortal wounds” per day is necessarily too over-powered. You spent a proficiency for a very powerful, very consistent healing ability: use it well.

This does open the door for bringing people back from things that they probably shouldn’t come back from, like falling one hundred feat and being found hours afterward, but miraculous healing does seem like a lay-on-hands type thing.

Whoa… Our group’s interpretation (not something I chose, just sort of an ‘everyone read the rules and reached the same conclusion’) was that LoH was not at all useful for mortal wounds, and that it was balanced against cure spells with the pros being “large, perfectly reliable amount of healing” and “can’t be interrupted like a spellcasting”. The paladin still took it once above and beyond receiving it as a class feature.

JEDAVIS, that’s a perfectly valid way to do it I’d say.

as always, the most important paradigm to remember is “Each Campaign is a Law Unto Itself” :smiley:

I think it’s safe to say from this thread that a DM can put LoH pretty much anywhere on the power scale they want without breaking the game.